Debut release from a very promising artist. 30 minutes of rumble heavy harsh noise with bursts of shrill feedback. Ending it with a 10 minute drone track. Excellent start..

Pro CD-R release.  Cardboard slipcase.  Limited to 100 copies.

  Taken from: Track 2 (1min 20seconds)



Track 4 (1min 20seconds)


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  Vital Weekly


CUSTODIAN - I (CD by Syzmic Records)
Syzmic Records is a brand new Wisconsin based US-label that focuses on music of the dark side counting harsh noise, power electronics, industrial and dark ambient. The very first album of label comes from a composer calling himself Custodian. Judged by the title "I" present album is the first album and it would be unfair to accuse it for being expressionally modest: Less than thirty of full throttle noise divided into eight smaller chunks of sonic brutality. Not extremely innovating, on the contrary this is an album to be remembered for its lack of sonic mercy. (NM)


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  The One True Dead Angel

Custodian -- I [Syzmic Records]
Now this is swell: eight tracks of crunchy, no-frills noise, violent exercises in screeching pedal-fu delivered with a complete lack of pretension and the ferocity of a lunatic beating people to death with a hammer. It may or may not be "art," but it sure makes an excellent auditory exfoliant. The tracks are untitled, short, and diabolically focused; the entire album (eight tracks total) plays out in less than thirty minutes, just enough time to give you a sonic beating you'll remember without becoming tiresome in the process. There's nothing here you haven't heard before, sure, but innovation is hardly the point with noise; the point is peeling your face off one layer at a time with the widest variety of sick tones and howling dissonance, and in that respect this album succeeds in spectacular fashion. This is power-electronics descended from the original movement, which was far less concerned with art than with sonic brutality. The simple but effective cover art doesn't hurt, either.


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  Heathen Harvest

Harsh electronic noise from the home of serial murderer and cannibal Ed Gein. In the howling one-man wall of noise tradition, Custodian brings eight untitled tracks of painful live noise and power electronics. Never once does he break into beats or a chorus, it's just no frills actions between violent screams and pounding collisions. Custodian will most certainly appeal to fans of new school kings of Harsh Noise such as Prurient and Wolf Eyes, but with a fairly original aesthetic and a sound that never ventures into imitation of any one other artist.

This release is harsh and filled with feedback through the entire 30 minute duration. For the style of music that this is in, it is a varied and interesting release that is full of personality. With no song titles or iconic artwork to go on, Custodian brings a surprisingly large amount of originality to the table that makes this release very enjoyable to listen to. This artist seems to be purely interested in the harsh audio treatments that he is bestowing upon the listener and little else.

Track 8 opens with a little something different, an intro that is a little bit more dynamic, and quickly coalesces into several harsh noise squalls vying for importance. They meet in a very pleasant crunching sort of bass sound that carries the majority of the power within the track. For a release that has a very minimal name and almost no artwork, this really stands out as an interesting noise release. This is an artist that we will hopefully be hearing more from, and this release comes highly recommended for those who enjoy harsh crunching electronics like Black Leather Jesus as well as histrionic one-man screaming noise such as Prurient. Minimal harsh electronics that are primarily very abrasive and high pitched, with a really killer last track to tie it all together.

I hope that it is a picture of things to come, because a more dynamic release by this artist would be very interesting to hear. Seek out and find this release, and ask for more, and hopefully Custodian will stay faithful to this level of quality.