Audio Samples

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Stemcell Reasearch Project Taken From: "Charnel Houses" CD
   2. Untitled DOWNLOAD
   4. Untitled DOWNLOAD


Steel Hook Prostheses Taken From: "Cut The Nose Off To Spite The Face" 2CD
   1. 1-5 DOWNLOAD
   8. 2-8 DOWNLOAD


Custodian Taken From: "Toil and Waste" CD
   4. Untitled DOWNLOAD
   6. Untitled DOWNLOAD


Inhalant Taken From: "Save our Souls" CD
   1. All or Nothing DOWNLOAD
   4. Body Trap DOWNLOAD


Mortuor Taken From: "I'm Waiting For You" CD
   1. Dead Love DOWNLOAD
   6. Little Girl DOWNLOAD


Werewolf  Jerusalem Taken From: "Nang Nak" CDR
   1.Nang Nak DOWNLOAD


Climax Denial Taken From: "Impulse" TAPE
   3. Harem Cult DOWNLOAD
   6. Impulse DOWNLOAD


Metaconqueror Taken From: "Of Steel, Bone, and Fire" CDR
   2. A Horizon of Black Pyres DOWNLOAD
   8. Mephisto's Hammer DOWNLOAD


Custodian Taken From: "I" CDR
   2. Untitled DOWNLOAD
   4. Untitled DOWNLOAD