"Charnel Houses"

Five songs inspired by death and post-mortem rituals with each passage delving deeper into the stygian abyss. Charnel Houses is profoundly imbued with feelings of despair brought forth with field  recordings of actual autopsies taking place. Somber moments layered with metal percussion, white noise and rhythmic drone that envelopes the listener like a lead blanket. Mastered by John Stillings of Steel Hook Prostheses..


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"Cut The Nose Off to Spite The Face.."

This 2-disc Anthology spans the first eight years of SHP's ultra limited 3"cd-r releases, rare cuts from the 2006 Texas 3xLP released on  RRRecords, tracks from 2002's Open Wound compilation "Fresh Blood  Volume 1: "Violent Cutting Motion" and previously unreleased live material. All re-mastered by J. Stillings with artwork and layout by L. Kerr, packaged in this elegantly sickening gatefold digipak. Rediscover these under distributed gems from the pioneering, cult, Texas Death Industrial power house Steel Hook Prostheses.


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"Toil and Waste"

9 tracks, 29 minutes of harsh electronic noise and industrial undertow. Bleak, inhospitable works that flow and mutate between screeching japanese influenced noise, HNW density, and churning industrial loops.


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"Save Our Souls"

A hidden hand wipes the tears and hidden fears as god looks away. New CD release from the highly respected Texas based project. This time INHALANT kicks up almost 40minutes of harsh industrial noise. A slow grinding death taking its grip on a society oblivious to the obvious.


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"I'm Waiting For You"

The highly anticipated debut cd from MORTUOR is now available.. This project doesnt feature a large back catalog of releases, but yet has gained a massive amount of respect and interest in from those in the community. MORTUOR was inspired by the works of ATRAX MORGUE. Listening to this full length, you will no doubtily hear it.. And feel it.. This album is cold, dark, and minimal.. Combine all of these into one, your have MORTUOR..


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"Nang Nak"

Werewolf Jerusalem offering up more crunchy static madness.. This time, 3 tracks clocking in at just under 40minutes. Sit back, throw some headphones on and enjoy putting your head in a vice..


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Climax Denial is quickly becoming one of the most consistently intriguing and important names in U.S. power-electronics/death-industrial. "Impulse" is the next step in the evolution. Relentlessly dark and pulsating, nearly rhythmic electronics mixed with a powerful and bizarre vocal presence create a filthy atmosphere of criminal sex audio. A bit more coherent and focused than previous Climax Denial releases, while still retaining the dirt and desperation one has come to expect from the project. Fighting the urges and losing. Don't think, just react.


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"Of Steel, Bone, and Fire"

J. Stillings is back again with more amazing solo material. This time crossing the lines of eeerie death industrial and obscure black metal.. This release will definitley be sure to gives your ears a workout. This is the second full length Metaconqueror release following up 2004's "Banishment of the Unforsaken" on the now deceased Somnambulant Records.


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Debut release from a very promising artist. 30 minutes of rumble heavy harsh noise with bursts of shrill feedback. Ending it with a 10 minute drone track. Excellent start..


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