November 12th, 2014:
awesome news.. First releases in over a year..

**  STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES - "Cut Off The Nose To Spite The Face" 2xCD.


Both out now!! More updates to website coming soon. email for questions..

June 25th, 2010:
Long time since last update..

**  CUSTODIAN - "Toil and Waste" CD out now!!!.

February 8th, 2010:

**  INHALANT cd out NOW!!!!!.

January 18th, 2010:
Back on track..

**  INHALANT - "Save Our Souls" CD at the plant right now.. cmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..

December 1st, 2009:
Been too long since my last news post..  Some items..

**  MORTUOR - "I'm Waiting For You" CD now available. See Releases page for more info on that.

**  INHALANT - "Save Our Souls" CD hitting the plant next week..

**  STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES T-shirts are still available.. 

June 29th, 2009:

**  WEREWOLF JERUSALEM - Nang Nak CDR, available NOW!!

May 31st, 2009:

**  I'm super stoked to make mention of the newest confirmed release for Syzmic Records.

For years I've wanted to do a release with Thomas and his Exsanguinate project.. For those of who do not know.. EXSANGUINATE is a death industrial project done by Thomas Garrison. Know more for his CONTROL power electronic discography, Thomas has made a huge impact with his death industrial material.. Not as prolific as Control, Exsanguinate offers all the same caliber components in recording..

The first release in close to 6yrs for Exsanguinate, this will be the first for both Syzmic & Exsanguinate in LP format.. Thomas has already mentioned an unreleased track from years prior, and new material that he itching to work on.. this release is being planned for sometime end of this year.. This will definitely be an AMAZING release.. and limited..

 May 18th, 2009:
new tape out!!

**  CLIMAX DENIAL - "Impulse" C-30 Available Now!!  

April 3rd, 2009:
release update...

**  The CLIMAX DENIAL tape will be released next. I have the audio master and will be in the process of duping hopefully by next week. 100copies only, email to hold a copy..

November 23rd, 2008:
some items..

**  METACONQUEROR disc is now available. Im in the process of setting up a realtime distro which it can be ordered from.. Until then you can just email me directly to order.. $8US/$10World.

**  MORTUOR out next, sometime in the next couple weeks...

**  CLIMAX DENIAL has finished material for the release on SYZMIC. Sound samples will be available soon.. That release should follow the MORTUOR.. 

November 8th, 2008:
more confirmations...

**  METACONQUEROR disc is at the plant right now, will be available at the end of the week. Also in discussion is the possibility of some t-shirts to match the release.

**  INHALANT & MORTUOR both confirmed a releases for us.. This is not a split release..

September 23rd, 2008:

**  Crumble heavy WEREWOLF JERUSALEM confirmed a release for us..

September 19th, 2008:

**  CUSTODIAN - "I" is out and available now.

**  METACONQUEROR release confirmed.

August 22nd, 2008:
First release out now!!!!!

**  CUSTODIAN - "Transgressions" CDR - 40 minutes of avalanche esque harsh noise... Pro done CDR in slipcase, 100x

**  CLIMAX DENIAL will be doing a release in the near future.